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October 26, 2010

SFS helped family Milic in Montenegro

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Milic refugee family from Kosovo and Metohija is still in the camp near Podgorica


Representatives of humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs from Montenegro were in another visit to family Milic inhabited near Podgorica /Ribnicka Vrela where we delivered food and hygiene aid.
Thanks to the church community in Podgorica that brings food in this refugee village, family Milic daily get three breads and one cooked meal, and it is really the most valuable form of assistance. We also took money, which they traded food in a shop, and collected some clothes. We hope that better days are coming for this family…


October 26, 2010

Stove Smederevac for Family Filipovic from Nis

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Irina (4 months), Svetlana (8 yrs.), Mihailo(10 yrs.) Danica (13 yrs.), Djordje (18 yrs.), Mother Maria and father Srdjan Filipovic can finally relax a bit. This modest family,  live in town Nis, in an old house and in difficult conditions with only 20,000 dinars per month,this family received

from our organization stove "smederevac " because there stove was in condition of falling apart. With the help of God and the great efforts these family manage to cope with the difficult material conditions in which it is located.

The biggest problem for this family are old and worn-out things that are easy to break down, and because of low income this family is not able to fix these things. The current problem was stove "smederevac". That's why we decided to help them and buy a new stove. As parents say this was a big hit, now the temperature in the house is at a normal level, which is certainly the most important thing. ( in such a small area (27 squares) they live with five children. )

Stove ''Smederevac'' for Family Filipovic from Nis

October 25, 2010

SFS for the first time in Old Serbia

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Representatives of humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs over the weekend visited the area of the South (Old) Serbia and carried out another in a series of large humanitarian action.  Read more...

October 15, 2010

Film: Srbi,Narod koji nestaje!

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Few representatives of humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs attended the premiere showing of the documentary film: Serbs, the people who are disappearing! In the hall of the Serbian National Defense in Chicago. (10/01/2010 @7pm)The film was screened in the evening dedicated to newspaper Liberty that is held every Friday in the hall of SND.



October 13, 2010

New € 300 for purchase of tractor

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Humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs continues to collect the funds needed to purchase tractor for family Ekmecic from Prebilovci village in Herzegovina. With the new 300 euro this month as we separated the ''Fund for tractor'' currently we come to the sum of 1,500 Euros. Patiently we continue with this project in the hope that we will in due course to collect the necessary sum for purchase of tractors.

October 07, 2010

Jointly we are building a house for Trišić family

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Report: Predrag Marinkovic, Serbia/ PHOTO / / ACCOUNTS /


October 01, 2010

We provided firewood for the winter

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Report: Dobrina Kusmuk, Republic of Srpska / PHOTO / /


September 28, 2010

Serbs for Serbs in action on the holly Serbian Land

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Report: Milos Markovic / PHOTO / / ACCOUNTS /

NO SURRENDER! These are for the Kosovo Serbs two very large and difficult words. It was hard to use words and pictures to describe how these people live and how much power and will they need to keep this parole and remain in their homes in Kosovo. In a joint effort Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, Serbs for Serbs from the U.S. ($ 1,000), Serbian Orthodox Youth Innsbruck SPOJI Austria (300 €), Humanitarian Christian Community My joy from Germany (620 €), Forum Serbian elite, Orthodox brothers from Russia and Greece, and many friends of the organization from Serbia take a part of our eighth visit to Kosovo and Metohija again in Štrpce we helped six Serbian families, soup kitchens and Saint Sava elementary school in the amount of 2,800 euros.


September 27, 2010

Film''The Serbs- people who disappeared''

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See the premiere of the film in USA: ''The Serbs- people who disappeared''

Time: 10-01-2010 @ 7:00pm

Location :  SND , 5782 N Elston Ave,Chicago,IL 60646

Serbian Link

''The Serbs- people who disappeared'' is a documentary film that presents vivid evidence of the tragic demographic reality of the Serbian state and people, evidence that reveals the tragic and sad truth that the Serbian people on the brink of its historic disappearance.

September 17, 2010

We have made a bathroom for family Krunić

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Report: Dobrina Kusmuk / PHOTO GALLERY / / ACCOUNTS /

Krunić Jovan (8 years) and Jovana (6 years) living in Kasindol (Eastern Ilidza) with father (Rade/he is physically disabled) and brother Dalibor (21 years). Mother abandoned them and brother, Zarko (22 years) long time ago moved with grandparents, he spends most of his time in the woods working on the difficult tasks because it is the only thing the youth of this country manages to find as the only source of income.

September 16, 2010

We continue the project for Ekmečić family

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After we successfully completed project buying a family house in village Ravno Selo, Vrbas for Danjek falimy, humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs continue with a gradual implementation of large projects, because of its huge financial needs it require a certain amount of time to complete. Next big project is to help with the purchase of tractors and machinery for cultivating the land for the family Ekmečić Prebilovci in Herzegovina.


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