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December 01, 2010

November Report

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→November Report 2010  ENGLISH


November 30, 2010

Funds for Ekmecic family

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Humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs continues to collect the funds needed to purchase tractor for family Ekmecic from Prebilovci village in Herzegovina. With the new 550 euro this month as we separated the ''Fund for tractor'' currently we come to the sum of 2000 Euros. Patiently we continue with this project in the hope that we will in due course to collect the necessary sum for purchase of tractors.

November 18, 2010

Children Are Our Future!

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Children Are Our Future!  VIDEO



November 14, 2010

Help for Victims of Earthquake in Kraljevo

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The Serbian National Defense Council of America, in keeping with their overall mission to grant aid to Serbians in unexpected circumstances, as those circumstances may occur has begun an initiative!

SND is calling upon all Serbian Americans to help with necessary aid to the affected region of the city of Kraljevo and its surrounding areas.


To help the most sorely affected families, who have lost their homes and had their communities devastated by the earthquake.  Serbian Americans can send donations through the Serbian National Defense Council of America.  Mark your donation with the words “EARTHQUAKE IN KRALJEVO”.


November 14, 2010

We provided firewood for family Radonja

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Dragiša Radonja has five children: Mladen (13), Tanja (12), Sanja (10), Miloš (8) and Njegoš (1). All of them, except Njegoš, travel several kilometers to school, which doesnt prevent them from being good pupils.

The family lives in Brezovica, municipality Pale, as subtenants, and paying the rent of 150 KM. Their property is on the demarcation line which prevents them from coming back. Dragiša is unemployed, but he manages to earn money on several jobs. We met this family for the first time within our Christmas action, when they found out for our charity organization.

Dragiša managed to provide the school equipment, buy the food supplies and meet the everyday needs of his family, but he couldn't buy firewood. The municipality and the Center for social work couldn't help him. He called our organization because we were his last hope. The winter came sooner than expected, and the first snow pressed him to hurry up. Thanks to our donators, we managed to buy 10 meters of firewood. All the children, even the youngest, helped their mother to stack the firewood, while Dragiša was at work.

Biljana and Dragiša are very young but hardworking and responsible parents who cannot provide more for their children, and thus have to ask for help in order to provide the necesarry for their children. Therefore, they thank very much our organization.

November 14, 2010

Serbs for Serbs on the Majevica party

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On Saturday, November 6, 2010, the representatives of the charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Switzerland visited in Ušter the „Majevica party“, traditionaly organized each year by the „Majevica Association in Switzerland“ headed by Miodrag Lukić, a Serbian writer living and working in Switzerland. We used this opportunity to promote our organization and sell the T-shirts „Još rađaju majke Obiliće“. We agreed with our host to forward 5 franks out of every sold T-shirt to the building of school in the village Tobut near Lopar in Majevica (Republic of Srpska), and the remaining 15 franks in a great Christmas action of our organization in Kosovo and Metohija. We managed to sell 42 T-shirts at a cost of 20 franks, so the profit was 840 franks (210 for school and 630 for the action in Kosovo). We use this opportunity to thank our hosts and all those who contributed to our charity work!

November 12, 2010

SfS helped the families Milić and Marković

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Serbs for Serbs visited two families last week. The first one was family Marković from Leskovac. They have seven members, father Goran, mother Olivera and five sons: Vasilije (2), Jovan (5), Dimitrije (8,5), Petar (9,5) and the oldest Georgije (12). Their father thinks that perhaps the reason for the lack of female child is a fact that Serbia will need soldiers to defend the homeland in the years to come.

 They live in a very difficult situation in one bedroom apartment, and the monthly income is 18 000 dinars. SfS provided what they needed most – washing machine and stove.



November 01, 2010

SFS in Prijedor and Obudovac

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Report: Igor Rasula ,Serbia (Photos ,Accounts)

 Representatives of humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs from the Serbian Republic, Serbia and Switzerland have visited and helped the two multi-member Serbian families  in the Republic of Srpska , family Marijanović with nine and Pavlovic with four children. We provided emergency aid for purchase of food, hygiene (value of 600 Euros), and for the youngest ones we provide some candys.

After we visited  camp Jasenovac  in the early hours, we continued to  the Krajina town of Prijedor, where we were  welcome by  friends and donors of our organization. 

November 01, 2010

How many more need to be silent?

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Representatives of humanitarian organizations Serbs for Serbs visited on 28 October notorious Ustasha camp Jasenovac on their way to help families in the Republic of Srpska. Based on the place where hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Serbian mothers and children, today there's only a stone monument, broke up a wooden path leading up to it, the remains of the railway, which has worked to ''transport people and goods'' in only one direction, and based of the camp, which is now converted into a training center. Deafening silence of death awaited us at the blood-soaked Serbian land.


October 29, 2010

We helped the family Zmiric from Krajina

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Report: Milos Jovanovic, Austria / Diocese Dalmatian / / ACCOUNTS /

The Austrian humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs conducted on October 23 another humanitarian action in Serbian Krajina. They visited the village Miranje Gornje in the Benkovac municipality, and helped the Žmirić family.



October 28, 2010

Nikola's Message

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Why do we help?
We believe that there is a basic need for one human (or a group) to help others in distress. A help is not only human virtue but also a Christian responsibility. By focusing our help on families with many children, we directly affect on their stirring toward becoming independent from social-dependable government programs. Indirectly, we want to affect on birth rate of Serbian people that has been in great decline in last 20 years.



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